Electricity Meter

App Android

With the app '' Electricity Meter '' you can turn the house into a smart home automation and control your consumption and performance from your smartphone, even when you are out.

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Make your home automation simply using an Android smartphone!

You can now accurately measure the instantaneous power consumption (kW). This value is obtained by capturing at least two consecutive flashes emitted by the LED of the electricity meter and detected by CAMERA or BRIGHTNESS SENSOR of your Android device. You can then easily calculate the power of any electronic equipment in operation.

How it works

Place the smartphone with the back camera at the flashing LED counter. It is advisable to leave your smartphone on charge during measurement.

App ‘’Electricity Meter’’

Open the Android app '' Electricity Meter '' available on the play store and start the counting of the measurement.


From this website, log in with the same google credentials with which the account is configured on your smartphone. Now you can track energy consumption in real time and from anywhere!